Ed’s Coachella 2018 Wrap-Up

The Coachella Music Festival…just like Woodstock, except the love, isn’t free, everyone is dressed by Urban Outfitters, and it’s set on the site of the largest used-car lot ever, inside an oven.

Aside from EDmazing music from the likes of Radiohead, The Black Keys, Snoop Dogg/Dr. Dre and more, the biggest story on Weekend 2 was the heat. Topping 105 degrees each of the three days, the first thing on everyone’s mind was surviving the brutal temperatures, and it was my mission to teach the people of Coachella how to look hot and sexy while staying coooooool!

And of course who could forget the biggest resurrection since that Jewish hippie from the Middle East 2000 years…Hologram 2pac(!); a digital Tupac Shakur that was projected to the stage and collaborated live with Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre. We wanted to bring our favorite rapper back from the dead and surprise festival goers, but didn’t have the money for a hologram, so we sent 2D-ODB (a 2-dimensional Ol Dirty Bastard from the Wu-Tang Clan) through the crowd to ask Coachella who they would bring back from the dead to perform. Let’s just say he’s Black…and WHITE!

But most of all, Coachella was a PARTY! Complete with mobile beer pong tables, impromptu dance parties, and sexy celebrities!