What Type Of Coffee Does Ed Drink?

Ed Forman is a relentless coffee drinker. I’ve seen him drinking it at all times of the day. If I go to his office in the morning I see him drinking a large cup of coffee, for lunch, he’ll have a side of espresso with his meal. When he’s about to head home on his train journey I see him head into the local Starbucks and grab himself a coffee.

Honestly, it confuses me how Ed doesn’t encounter a heart attack at a young age when he’s literally drinking coffee at all times of the day. The caffeine intake must be quite high, and I assume that’s why he always has so much energy when I’m around him.

coffee machineTo be fair though we’ve recently got this amazing coffee machine for our office and I can see why he likes to brew up his own beverages before he heads home. The machine we got was made by Breville who are a fantastic brand in the coffee industry. You purchase bags of coffee beans (we go for fair trade beans) and then you simply grind them up before placing them in the machine. It can make a cappuccino, espresso, macchiato and much more. Whichever type of coffee you enjoy, if you come by our office, we can make for you.

So back to Ed who is seriously the biggest coffee drinker of the year, I’m honestly quite worried and hope that he doesn’t get taken into hospital any time soon from his excessive coffee drinking.

When I looked for a maker for my own home, I looked far and wide. I found that the best coffee machine has to go to the one made by Hamilton Beach. They have some of the most top of the line kitchen appliances, and I think they offer the best value for money when it comes to getting a good cup of coffee at home.